Heart Care

Heart Care

Since Dr. Praveen Jadhav is trained in Cardiology, he can give an expert opinion about Cardiological diseases. In omkar hospital investigation like the Stress test and 2D Echocardiography are also available. 

Cardiovascular disease refers to diseases of heart and blood vessels, including coronary artery disease (angina and heart attacks), heart valves, abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias), and heart conditions present at birth (congenital heart disease), congestive heart failure and other heart conditions. Most of the heart diseases can be life-threatening and can cause premature death. Prevention is the most important treatment for heart diseases. Heart diseases, especially heart attacks can be prevented if you’re evaluated early.

We, at Omkar, stress on prevention of heart diseases. We have consultations and programs to check your heart, analyze the risk and treat so. Obviously, the risk of a cardiac event is different for each individual and calculated by various evaluated parameters. In general, you may prevent or improve your heart disease if you exercise, eat a healthy diet, quit smoking, maintain your blood pressure, regulate the cholesterol levels, and maintain a healthy weight. Read more about heart care in the individual programs.

We do treat various Cardiac Ailments, and have all the facilities for the same. However, the focus is more on preventing heart disease if you don’t have one (primary prevention) or prevent progression of heart problems if you have one (secondary prevention). Very soon we will be starting exercise, yoga and stress management programs for primary and secondary prevention of heart diseases.

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